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10 famous people dedicated to scientologists

10 famous people dedicated to scientologists

The Church of Scientology has turn into one of the ridiculous religions since its establishment in 1952. Faith was established by means of American author L. Ron Hubbard. Scientologists are recognized to consider that the planet has overseas "thetans" who journey on the earth as disguised people, and that the "audit" course of clears the physique of those thetans and the "spiritual implants" they place on all of us. It has additionally been discovered that people developed from mussels. [1]

that each one sounds pretty nuts, right? Despite the constant criticism of Scientology, these following celebrities are dedicated followers and talked about true dedication to the Church.

10 John Travolta

Hollywood star John Travolta has been a follower of the Scientology Church since 1975 and is considered one of their highest members. Along together with his spouse Kelly Preston, he trusts the church to stand beside them as they misplaced their son when he was 16 years previous.

Travolta stated: “The Church never left our half years. I don't know if I might have carried out it without their help. “He added,“ The truth is, I didn't know I used to be going to do it. Life was not fascinating to me, so it took rather a lot better. "

Former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder has argued in an interview that the Church has a lot larger management over Travolt and his family's lives than the public is aware of. He revealed, “Kelly is a much more dedicated scientologist than John. Scientology dictates every choice in life and announces every decision made by the Scientologist. ”[2]

9 Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley has been a faithful follower of Scientology since 1979. She was previously a methodologist. Alley admitted personally to be a part of the Church when she struggled with cocaine dependence. He went via a Scientology-related drug remedy program referred to as Narconon and has since selected his habit.

After capturing the Las Vegas Strip in 2017, he wrote a collection of tweets accusing the shooter, Stephen Paddock, of psychiatric medicine – a presumption, as his statement came earlier than the coroner's report. The Church of Scientology claims the bodily, mental, and religious well-being of a person injuring the drug. As an alternative, they advocate one of the worldwide Narconon drug rehabilitation centers.

Alley has defended the church towards those who condemn its practices, claiming that a lot of the criticism is just not true. In an interview, he stated: “I feel all religions sound unusual to people who are usually not their practitioners. [ . . . ] To me [Scientology] is so regular, and doubtless 90% of the crazy things I hear isn’t true. [3]

eight Beck

Gramm's award-winning singer Beck was born within the Church of Scientology. He first confessed that he’s dedicated to Scientology in 2005, when he said: "It’s simply one thing that I've been round. My family's people do it. I have learn books, and I discovered from it. “His overseas spouse can also be a second-generation scientologist.

In an interview on Scientology, Beck explained: “It is certainly something that helped me. [ . . . ] I think a good done speaks for itself. “When he was asked to criticize the church, he replied:“ There is such intolerance that is so insidious to me, you know; You can judge what is not. [ . . . ] They have one of the highest [drug treatment] success needs [ . . . ] and programs for criminals in prisons – it's really staggering. ”[4]

Beck continues to be often known as an lively member of the Church. Lately, nevertheless, interviewers have been banned from asking questions about their faith.

7 Issac Hayes

Singer Issac Hayes gained the Academy Award for Greatest Unique "Shaft Theme", but most of his fans know he was Chef's voice in well-liked comedy South Park. After nine years of play, Hayes stopped the show when the episode mocked the Church of Scientology, of which he was a member.

Hayes stated in his assertion: “There is a place on the earth for satire, however there’s a time when Satir ends, and intolerance and bigotry start with the spiritual beliefs of others. As a civil rights activist, I can’t help proof that respects these beliefs and practices. "

South Stone's co-author Matt Stone shot back:" This has nothing to do with intolerance and attacks and the whole lot that Isaac Hayes is a Scientologist and we have now lately introduced Scientology within the South Park section. During ten years and over 150 episodes, Isaac by no means had an issue when the exhibition was fun for Christians, Muslims, Mormons and Jews. He received a sudden spiritual sensitivity when he was in his faith exhibition. [5]

6 Nancy Cartwright

Nancy Cartwright, greatest recognized for her life at Bart Simpson on the Simpsons, has been owned by Scientologist and has been since 1991. In 2007, he acquired the Scientology Patron Award for donating $ 10 million to the Church – twice for his annual salary. Free Documentary Going Clear: After the release of Scientology and Religion in 2015, Cartwright introduced its help for the Church.

He stated, "It was such a lie. I don't even know this e-book and the movie to inform you. It's referred to as prejudice. It's very irresponsible reporting. You already know someone needs to know what it is best to work out. Take a look at me. Look who I’m, significantly. Take a look at what I do. You possibly can't knock me at what I do. I'll help. ”He added,“ Shame them anyway. The truth is, find out for yourself. ”[6]

5 Elisabeth Moss

Handmaid's Tale Actor Elisabeth Moss received up on the Church of Scientology and has been nicely guarded by her faith. and Scientology consider that each one exterior sources (ie information) are false or dangerous, are you able to assume twice about Scientology? ”Moss wrote back: 'It’s definitely not true of Scientology. Freedom of faith and tolerance and understanding of the truth and equal rights for each race, faith and religion are essential to me. “

In 2017, when Moss turned Emmy's greatest actor, he stunned the viewers when he dropped a variety of F bombs in his acceptance speech. In accordance to former scientologist Tiziano Luglin, this is the method scientists use to attraction to others. He defined: “Scientologists are advised to communicate with“ average people ”and achieve this efficiently,” you have got to go down the sound scale. “So everyone uses“ f-, f-, f- ”each time they speak. It's fascinating. [7]

four Juliette Lewis

Oscar-nominated actor was a rock star Juliette Lewis has been a dedicated scientologist for many years and has grown into a family filled with organization. His father, actor Geoffrey Lewis, was additionally a scientologist. Because of their rebellious nature, it was believed that the actor would go away the church when he reached adulthood. Nevertheless, he has remained a dedicated member.

In 2017, he tweeted his help to other scientologists and actor Danny Masterson when he was accused of rape. He wrote: “I love you and your beautiful family. It gets better. We know this. ”

Lewis defined towards Church criticism that each faith might have“ problems ”. He stated, “Every faith, you’ll find problems. At the end of the day, I shield freedom of selection, freedom of speech, freedom of faith, freedom of expression. And so long as nothing prevents it. . . However there are misconceptions which might be annoying. [8]

three Michael Pena

Michael Pena is greatest recognized for his position in Ant-Man and Wasp and Narcos: Mexico. He believes that his success as an actor is due to the packages he has been concerned in as a scientist. Pena joined the church in 2000 when she turned a detox program "Purification Rundown" for her alcohol. He revealed: “For me, it isn’t a religion as a faith; It’s practical things. “

Then Pena joined one other program referred to as“ Study Tech ”, which encouraged her to grow to be a better reader. He stated, "[Study Tech] made me a better actor because I felt it helped me understand the manuscripts." Research Tech, a venture developed by founder Ron L. Hubbard, goals to improve Church literacy.

Talking of Church criticism, he defined: “I have not learn it. Think about we’re pals, you and me. Buddies. And there's a narrative about you. I'm not going to read a tabloid story about you. Especially once I comprehend it's improper. [9]

2 Laura Prepon

Orange is a brand new black star Lauren Prepon strongly believes that Scientology has resigned from her life, emphasizes and relaxes her. He previously revealed that he has labored by way of lots of his packages, reminiscent of private values ​​and honesty and purification.

Prepon has additionally followed the Church's auditing process, which has been strongly criticized by former members who consider their traumatic previous was used towards them for control reasons. The method allows an individual to evaluate the troublesome occasions that have occurred in their lives and eliminate the negativity of the past which will hold them again. Prepon stated, "Auditing has been enough for all these charges, wrong thoughts, decisions and false feelings that affected me."

He added: "I have found this decision, which I did a long time ago that affected me this day [ . . . ] During the event you make a postulate." Survival "for a choice then finds it for years and years later, when peeled off the layers and? then – the growth, there it’s – it's peace of thoughts! Think about it just hiding my bank that affects me. ”[10]

1 Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is called one of the crucial acknowledged members of the Scientology Church and in addition probably the most respected. himself claims that the "Study Tech" program helped him overcome dyslexia, and he struggled to acknowledge Scientology as a faith in Europe. when he struggled with postpartum m

Former Church member Leah Remini stated: "He is second to David Miscavige – the savior of the free world." One other former member, Bree Mood, stated: "[Cruise] was a god within the lower ranks. [ . . . ] Every time a Tom Cruise film came, they purchase all their tickets. It might be 500, 1000, up to 2500 people. I can't. [11]

His ex-wife, actor Nicole Kidman, is believed to have left the church after the top of her marriage. Nevertheless, their adopted daughter, Isabella, has turn out to be a member and has been within the Scientology London follow through the assessment course of. It’s also strongly believed that Cruisi's religion prompted her final marriage to actor Katie Holmes.

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