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10 Reasons Disney Axed "Star Wars" Extended Universe

10 Reasons Disney Axed "Star Wars" Extended Universe

Many Star Wars fans usually are not notably happy with the new films, and a few feel that Disney threw the kid with the bathtub when it came to an expanded universe. Before Disney took over, Star Wars had an enormous amount of additional material (novels, cartoons, and so on.), Jota referred to as an extended universe, or EU

. until the film is in direct battle. Nevertheless, when Disney got here in, they announced that the EU was just "legends" inside the Star Wars universe. Although they will nonetheless use its elements as they want, they’ve minimize the entire thing piece, and there have been many good causes.


10 & # 39; Massive Three & # 39; have been far from the era of most EU tales

One of the largest explanation why Disney had to go ahead and throw a child in chilly water is that the big wealth of EU tales contained "big three" (Han, Luke and Leia) and the actors progressed for years . Most of those books have been written again when three have been nonetheless at their greatest and have been quite in style because the characters are seen, however it’s arduous to imagine how you might change loads of stories enough to make up for this age distinction.

The truth is that what the fans needed was something pretty soon after the Jedi had returned – as close as was credibly achieved – and the story of younger Han, Luke, and Leia might simply work. Because of this, a number of EU story strains had to be scrapped. Individuals simply couldn't have stopped their disbelief. Unfortunately, no one would have thought that Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford or Carrie Fisher can be thirty. [1]

9 Anakin Solo's whole existence was a painful scene for George Lucas

In Star Wars, expanded universe Han and Leia get married and you’ve got three youngsters [2] Two of them are twins referred to as Jacen and Jaina, some fans hoping they need to have been played in no less than some type in new films. In reality, it is because of this that many fans really like the concept Rey and Ben are secretly with their brother and sister – that may fulfill the will of Han and Leia followers to be twins. Nevertheless, Solos had another youngster, and George Lucas needed them to not be.

In a crazier cartoon, Leia is a cloned Emperor Palpatine when she is pregnant. – and apprehensive about how it can affect his son and make him darkish in the future. With a purpose to honor his father and by some means try to prove that the identify might be gained, he names his third youngster after the cyber of the assassin of Anakin. George Lucas was by no means proud of this signal if he did not change, as a result of he felt the followers confuse him with Anakin Skywalker. Lucas was apparently pleased when the child was finally killed later within the new Jedi Order collection.

8 Most of the most popular characters who had already disappeared or killed

As talked about above, within the EU, Anakin Solo was killed in a new junta, but they killed plenty of other characters in that collection and past. [3] The new Jedi Farm killed principally aspect marks besides Chewbacca and Anakin Solo, but after that the cleaning really went. Jacen Solo went to the darkish aspect and ultimately killed his sister. Meanwhile, Mara Jade, Luke Skywalker's prolonged universe spouse, kills Jacen Solo, her nephew, when she tries to satisfy her and convey her back to the light. Han turns into a washed wreck, and Luke goes into exile; Luke's son Ben can also be killed.

In any case, virtually each protagonist, who was distantly fascinating, either dies, loses all close by individuals and becomes a tragic sack or first experiences the second and then the second. like most Thrones Recreation characters. When Disney received his arms on a franchise contract, you possibly can truly rely on fascinating characters whose stories were not already driven to the bottom with unimaginable energy. In any case, Disney felt that he wanted to go his own method with previous characters and really feel more free to new ones.

7 Ssi-Ruuk would have given youngsters distressing questions to ask Their mother and father

In the early days of Star Wars, there have been a number of novels that simply left everyone questioning what medicine the writer used. This was mainly as a consequence of the fact that responsible individuals, Bantam Books, principally gave a number of sci-fi writers to attempt their hand in the universe and see what they came up with. But it is troublesome to learn how this not solely made it previous the earlier editors, but even years later, within the type of quite a lot of new appearances within the New Jedi Order, a 19-liter collection.

The Sii-Ruuk are species that appear in the bakery in Bakura, they usually use a process referred to as an enthyme to suck your soul, enslave it and use your life for power. [4] You’re stuck in a nightmare, flowing their table lamp or no matter, till your power is misplaced, your soul passes and you die. This can be a terrible, horrible factor that basically belongs to probably the most disturbing sci-horror novel, but as an alternative it makes several situations within the Star Wars EU.

6 Yuuzhan Vong made a multitude whose arduous return was virtually mandatory

Yuuzhan Vong was launched largely in the New Jedi order [5]] This collection targeted on the attack of the Star Wars galaxy from numerous extragalactic invaders referred to as Yuuzhan Vong. This species was largely humanoid, nevertheless it was a black gap with energy. You can not really feel them by drive or use them as Pressure, but they might not use drive in any respect. They came in giant portions and messed up the galaxy, virtually taking and destroying every little thing. With the help of huge organic machines, they changed the world for his or her will.

What made the entire thing so unusual and virtually destroyed the universe ever since they left. These attackers minimize off all the normal know-how and pleasure and thought it was dangerous. They worshiped the ache and have been extraordinarily sadistic and masochistic. All of their weapons and applied sciences have been actually alive, extraordinarily unusual and in the remainder of the world. Their creators, quite a lot of species liable for large genetic engineering, changed the world and left ridiculous natural matter and different invasive organisms that have been filled with the universe. The whole thing was simply too crazy for the Star Wars universe and destroyed it perpetually – a tough return was virtually vital after the terrible catastrophe of the new Jedi Order, which should by no means have been and whose creators would still be ashamed of

5 EU being so complicated that one man's entire job keeps it collectively

One factor many individuals are just occasional followers (not as a result of there's nothing flawed with it) isn’t aware of how significant the entire continuity of Star Wars is. There are so many stories about so many cartoons, writing role-playing video games, novels, brief stories, video games, films, cartoons, and a lot more that some may find it unimaginable.

His identify is Leland Chee, and his official identify is "Holokron Keeper". [6] He has been there for decades, and although the EU is not an official canon, they still want someone to comply with the previous continuity and the brand new schedule, so he still has a job. It is an incredibly stupendous activity, but he has been capable of maintain up to date with an up-to-date schedule for many years of “canon”. Nevertheless, this was just one of the the reason why Disney felt the need to tell people who they only loved previous tales and would stop worrying about the actual continuity of the fictional universe. Although Disney now has its personal new continuity, it is a lot much less crowded galaxy to work with when the previous EU is now legends.

4 The subsequent 30 odd years after the return of the Jedi are principally no respiration [19659022ToinenDisneynkohtaamaongelmaeiollutpelkästäänisotkolmemuttavaikkahehalusivatheittääheidättarinaanneolijokirjoitettunurkkaanJedinpalauttamisenjälkeinen30vuodenajanjaksoonylivoimaisestisuosituinaikakausikirjoitatarinoitaStarWarsissajotenkyseinenajanjaksoonuskomattomanruuhkainen[7] Virtually every moment is filled with a thick story, and there’s actually nothing you are able to do to make nothing considerably new.

Fans needed new films Through the post-Jedi restoration interval, there are glutted tales, and lots of of them are fairly brazenly horrible. Pure slate allows authors to easily write a great story and allow new younger fans to entry Star Wars without the necessity to go through dozens of a couple hundred books to rise up in all the things that occurs

3 Turning from any medium to a different typically simply disappointing fan

When Harry Potter was moved to the large display, some fans actually appreciated it, and some have been incredibly disenchanted. A few of the later movies, particularly, have been criticized because they felt rushed, and lots of feel afterwards that it's not just seven films that ought to have been two elements proper to inform the story. Whereas it is comprehensible that Harry Potter and its nice size make it notably troublesome, it is all the time troublesome to show a e-book into a film. Books are informed in a really totally different means, where the whole lot is claimed to individuals. However, films are instruments that present the whole lot to individuals.

Subsequently, the forces which are in all probability reluctant to use Star Wars prolonged universe books for brand spanking new Star Wars movies. One device typically does not turn properly to a different, so it makes more sense should you can simply write the unique story as an alternative of making an attempt to translate an present ebook right into a movie. It also creates a ready air that can be troublesome to reside with. When you say you’re taking a heavy inspiration from a specific ebook, some followers will upset what is totally different from the source material, [8] and that disappointment can result in long-term misplaced income streams.

2 It's onerous to maintain the thrill when individuals know the story

In all probability the most important purpose for every part, but many followers don't assume so much that Disney determined to go forward and throw off the EU as a result of they need to be able to shock individuals. The truth is that in the event you go to story strains that most people already know and do not deviate from them, there will definitely not be so much surprise that you’ll be delivered to the large display of the previously informed story. [9] Although there are plenty of individuals who take pleasure in it, it not only spreads phrase of mouth or gasoline as much as much excitement for the subsequent movie.

In case you already know quite a bit about what is occurring, there’s actually nothing to take a position or speak about, so there's little discussion across the film. This implies little or no leap and hardly anyone, but actually massive fans will see the movie. The authors know that when you really need a huge viewers, you want a new story that may give individuals something to talk about sometime in the coming years once they await the subsequent batch. Because of this, utilizing present EU stories was simply not practical, so Disney decided to go within the different path.

1 They will nonetheless use signs or parts from the EU once they see fit

The ultimate cause Disney got rid of the EU is that despite the fact that they needed it, it never went if they wanted it . The EU still has numerous present planets, characters, foreigners, organizations, applied sciences and all different issues. Although all previous story strains could be on the axis, they will borrow if they want and convey fan favorites as properly. For instance, how they have been written, with out understanding how the prequel trilogy would go down, Timothy Zahn's first prolonged universe trilogy of Star Wars would by no means be matched to the film.

Nevertheless, the brand Grand Admiral Thrawn, a blue alien who makes use of his inventive business to research his opponents, is a fan favourite, and Disney has already brought him to the official canon in all new tales. [10] The reality is that the EU is just not really destroyed; it was simply displaced so Disney might understand the entire mess. All of the previous content still exists and can be used and can be used when wanted, however the continuation of the previous continuity system is just not an advantage – typically you must begin recent.