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Can one-minute healing really improve almost all diseases? – Science-based medicine

Can one-minute healing really improve almost all diseases? - Science-based medicine

I feel medicine, as we know, may also cease. We don't want it anymore. Madison Cavanaugh has found the secret of practically healing all sicknesses and secreting the 2008 The One-Minute Remedy

. Lots of you’ve got read the Science-Based mostly Medicine weblog so long that you’ve discovered to guage health claims.


Read the next part on the outline of Cavanaugh's guide and reply these two questions:

  1. Can you guess what a "powerful form of healing" could possibly be?

One-minute remedy reveals a big, scientifically proven, pure remedy that creates an inner body surroundings the place the disease can’t flourish, allowing the physique to heal itself from the disease. Over 6,100 articles in European scientific literature have demonstrated the effectiveness of this protected, reasonably priced and effective type of healing, and has been evaluated by some 15,000 European physicians, naturopaths and homeopaths for over 10 million patients over the previous 70 years for successful remedy. nearly each recognized illness – together with, but not limited to, most cancers, AIDS, coronary heart illness, diabetes, Alzheimer's illness, Parkinson's disease. hepatitis, a number of sclerosis, herpes, rheumatoid arthritis and bronchial asthma.

Reply the questions earlier than you scroll down by evaluating your impressions with me and studying the id of a robust type of healing.

How did you do?

This can be a self-categorised check. You possibly can verify how you probably did.

  • Did you discover that no evidence was introduced? As Christopher Hitchens stated: "What can be claimed without evidence can be rejected without evidence."
  • Are you questioning how one remedy could possibly be efficient for a variety of illnesses, illnesses with utterly totally different etiologies and mechanisms?
  • Questioning if the writer was a trusted professional?
  • Did you try to discover Madison Cavanaugh and see that there was no info on scientific or medical evidence and that there are not any different publications listed for that writer?
  • Did you do enough research to seek out out that Cavanaugh beneficial 35% food-based mostly hydrogen peroxide that begins with one drop of glass of distilled water 3 times a day and works up to 25 drops? (I feel "one minute" is the time it takes to mix the dilution every time, or to drink the mixture, but it might add up to a number of minutes over an extended time period when the title is misleading.)
  • Did you find that the remedy program consists of consuming 3 hours before and one hour after each dose, and do you have to maintain the maintenance dose endlessly?
  • In search of these 6100 articles? Did you discover certainly one of them? (I found many articles on hydrogen peroxide, however not one on its effectiveness in any of the illnesses listed right here.)
  • Are you questioning how they arrived at an estimated 15,000 docs, naturopathy and homeopathy? Questioning who they have been? Might you determine them? Was the promotion of care on its web site? Have been you impressed that homeopaths used it? Did you discover the logical delusion (reputation of popularity)?
  • Do you agree that 10 million patients have been treated successfully? Would there be any approach to verify that number? Are you wondering how many patients have been efficiently handled for every listed illness? Are you questioning if the analysis of these patients was right? Questioning how many patients have been efficiently treated?
  • On the lookout for medical trials revealed in peer-reviewed journals? Did you find something? I was not. No controlled studies, no even revealed case research.
  • Did you discover that they have been allegedly treated for 70 years? Wondering why the effectiveness of remedy is just not extensively recognized for therefore lengthy?
  • Didn't you look for confirmation and affirmation predictions, on the lookout for sources that disagreed that stated hydrogen peroxide remedy was not protected or

Nothing is sensible

Think about it for a moment. If that they had been capable of reliably improve the sufferers of almost all sicknesses from all these years, or even because the ebook was revealed in 2008, might you think about that we now have no idea and use it? No conspiracy is ready to suppress the proof that 10 million patients have been cured by illnesses comparable to most cancers and Alzheimer's, or by suppressing their right to chill out. Patients and service suppliers don’t need to hold it secret; they all have pals and family members for these illnesses; they want to spread the phrase and let others improve. The news ought to have been all over the headlines. And certainly someone would have gained the Nobel Prize for such a paradigm-changing scientific discovery. The entire track is ridiculous

The reasoning is pseudo-scientific

It’s assumed that almost all illnesses are anaerobic and can’t happen within the presence of oxygen. This is simply not true. It's a ridiculous extrapolation from the cultivation of fact, the Warburg impact. Warburg studied most cancers metabolism and made helpful discoveries; however his thoughts that oxygen would inhibit the growth of cancer cells proved to be flawed, and there is no method that the ingestion of hydrogen peroxide might improve the publicity of cancer cells to oxygen. Arterial is already 98% oxygen saturated; it may well't carry far more, and hydrogen peroxide couldn't deliver extra.

Straightforward to seek out opinions

There are quite a few videos which might be in style with people who have learn the ebook and used the protocols and have observed

It is straightforward to seek out warnings too

Quackwatch has criticized hydrogen peroxide , Science-Based mostly Medicine and Quite a few Different Websites. There’s even a video that explains science that invalidates pseudo-scientific claims. Hydrogen peroxide is transformed into water and oxygen within the stomach and oxygen is discharged, not absorbed by the body. It does not improve the physique's oxygen content. The quantity (a couple of drops added to a glass of distilled water) is minimal; Including this 35% hydrogen peroxide to water does not even deliver it to the 3% answer bought as a topical disinfectant

In 2018, Karen Savage wrote an article describing how "FoodGrade" cyclists use Peroxide for sick and despair. “He highlighted an commercial calling for advantages for an extended record of illnesses corresponding to Alzheimer's illness, most cancers, diabetes, a number of sclerosis, food allergic reactions and cirrhosis. He quoted an FDA spokesman:

Nobody has offered any proof that inner hydrogen peroxide has any medical worth. In truth, consuming hydrogen peroxide like these web sites might lead to tragic outcomes.

He continued

: "The FDA has not accepted the ingestion of hydrogen peroxide. Treating, preventing or relieving illnesses, so sellers who market hydrogen peroxide for consumption – or declare to be able to remedy or forestall most cancers, AIDS or other ailments in any approach – are contrary to FDA rules and jeopardize legal proceedings. ”

He reported that the yr of hydrogen peroxide poisoning is thirty instances, typically leading to dying;

The FDA has sought to stop corporations selling excessive-power hydrogen peroxide products from making illegal medical claims. In 2006, they warned shoppers

not to buy or use excessive-power hydrogen peroxide products, together with a product marketed as “35 percent hydrogen peroxide” as a result of they will trigger critical harm or dying if swallowed. The FDA recommends that buyers who presently use robust hydrogen peroxide stop immediately and seek the advice of their health care supplier. There’s improved vision, small arthritis, cold palms and ft warming, listening to 10% improved, white language pink, cancer progress (melanoma, mind tumor, lymphoma), more power, better sleep, fantastic goals (!?), Dialysis three – 2 occasions every week, out of all drugs. One stated it healed his skin cancer – earlier than he acquired a biopsy to seek out out if it was most cancers! One consumer had tried a decrease concentration and claimed that preservatives of the three% product made their kidneys injured.

A number of feedback stated it didn't work, it was arduous to do and required a lifelong dedication. Many report dangerous uncomfortable side effects. One stated,

There was no info to back up allegations, no references have been mentioned and no private experiences have been mentioned. There was no info on the writer's coaching or affected person care expertise.

A number of stated it was a short e-book (certainly just a brochure), overpriced, with out info that was not available on the web free of charge. One stated it was mainly towards the pharmaceutical business. Many recommended shopping for a e-book. Some referred to as it a rip off and a scam. Many referred to as it harmful. One identified false statements in the e-book like "" in some notably polluted areas [oxygen] is as much as 10%. "

Conclusion: pull another!

When the proposed remedy has been poorly examined or tested, I often require controlled studies and promise to comply with the proof, but in this case, I feel we have already got sufficient evidence that it doesn’t work and cannot work I feel that to test the effectiveness of the Cavanaugh protocol, controlled research must be carried out for an enormous mistake, a waste of cash and a danger for the health of the members.

These hydrogen peroxide claims deserve some kind of "worst ever" award. second! "I find it obscure how anyone might consider such a nonsense nonsense. It is a unhappy touch upon public considering. It exhibits that widespread sense isn’t widespread.