Elie Wiesel's Salem Witch Test Memorial Dedication Speech, 1992

20. July 19, 2017

Speech by Elie Wiesel in Salem Tercentenary in 1992


Mayor Harrington, Williams and Associates,

Once I was invited to return right here and converse to you about Salem's witches, I’m wondering why I? It's not my area. My subject is Bible, philosophy, literature, not history. Definitely not this historical past, however I was a great scholar and accepted it. I’m additionally grateful. I started learning it and over the past three or four weeks I did nothing else. I learn every little thing concerning the event. And then I noticed that I didn't have so many things. Do I do know now? This is the query.

In reality, 300 years in the past, certain things happened right here, and we still marvel how can we understand the violent passions and tragic events which have shaken this group? The group you, Mr Mayor, is rightly referred to as a group dedicated to "Shalom", "Salam", Salem, Peace.

Was there a witch in Salem? In that case, the reactions to them could also be comprehensible. Aren’t the scripture commandments to go away any witch alive? After learning the regulation, you marvel why such biblical and blind hardness toward witches? Why not in the direction of the wizard? Why is that this sexism in the Bible? Then you’re additionally wondering what it’s that witch [sic] of such a fearful proper? Why did they worry so-called Witches? Is it as a result of the witch appeals to pressure that isn’t the pressure we will depend on once we need to consider within the divine? Is it because witch is used with certain hyperlinks she had, perhaps, with holy powers, with the devil, with Satan? In that case, why are we as jealous as God? Let God deal with Devil. And if he isn’t, why are we so merciless to Devil's so-called followers?

Now, many authors have researched questions. And I'm positive that all the books, I additionally hope manuscripts, are beautiful rich archives on this metropolis. However you possibly can't discover the answer. There isn’t any reply in reality. I don't know at this time why 300 years ago the wind of madness blew your group. What was it about? It's like Kafka's novel. Every Kafka novel begins with a small banal occasion. It all the time starts, say, as The Trial Joseph Okay rises within the morning and says good morning to the landlord who doesn't reply. And he says, because he didn’t reply, that I’ve executed something mistaken. If I’ve finished one thing flawed, it signifies that I’m guilty. If I’m guilty, I reserve. If I’m arrested, I’ll decide. If I am judged, I will decide me. In fact I am sentenced to dying. It starts on a great morning and ends with dying. Right here it starts with two women, Abigail and Betty, Elizabeth, nine years previous and eleven years previous. Now it starts once they have nothing to do in the afternoon. Why didn't they care for their little sister? Why didn't they help different youngsters do homework? Why didn't they go swimming? Or why did they not show curiosity in international affairs: what happened in London to the queen's romance? That they had nothing to do and since that they had nothing to do, they received into hassle. And once they obtained into hassle, other individuals died. Now I consider that these childish fantasies have led to a tragedy. What does it train us? To start with, keep in mind that youngsters shouldn’t all the time be left clean. They should all the time do one thing. Even in the summer. There’s all the time one thing they should do they usually might do. I am notably confused by the truth that the youngsters have been enjoying at this occasion. Youngsters seek advice from innocence. Youngsters recommend magnificence, hope, purity. And these youngsters did the other. They raised injustice [of] that each human being can face. They raised the human hopelessness with the gang over the gang. I didn’t perceive why the youngsters turned a witch. Because witches weren’t witches; the youngsters have been witches. They saw of their hallucinations that they needed to amuse themselves, transfer themselves, they noticed the satan, Satan, in other individuals. And it occurred. What they noticed was accepted in the grownup world. That occurred. I would really like youngsters to be youngsters. I even have problems with the group. How did the whole group lose its sense of reality? Here and there, yes, some individuals helped to attempt, not very exhausting. However the entire group was passive. And the group gave experiments.

That takes a unique drawback to review material: every little thing was type of legal. It was not a church trial, it was a secular trial. The patriotic principal had a md. And if you start the exhibition – I urge you to go and see it again – we've seen it, and then discovered somewhat from the beginning to the top it was a legal procedure. Prosecution, arrest warrant and then torture. And then effort, isolation. The entire legal course of was a authorized process. How do sensible individuals have the opportunity to simply accept such a process? Is it due to the overall climate? It was, in any case, the 17th century. Many wars have been hounded in that century. Fanatics was nonetheless prevalent in so many locations. The Church had its own issues. And I feel it was necessary that we come to the top of the century. And every time the century was approaching its decline, its finish, the history itself shook when it now shakes. We now have a sense once we come to the top of a decade or a century, in our case it’s at the flip of the millennium, history is shifting properly into the gut so that they’ll explode to deliver all the things to the floor and that's why every little thing goes so fast, very fast, too quick. As a result of history or a century needs to go faster to make the leaps of the fantasies of tens of millions, hundreds of thousands of hundreds of thousands of males, men and women dominating the demons.

Is this the rationale why all a couple of months in Salem was potential? Because it was very quick. Pendants, which have been additionally a shock to me, in our collective memory, we all inherited a few of the collective memory, I assumed the witches have been burned. Here I acquired to know they have been hanging. But every little thing went very quick from June to September: 19 or 20 individuals hung up. It went fast. It came shortly. Nevertheless it also went very fast. And that's one other supply of astonishment for me. And this can be a constructive surprise. Abruptly the wind fell. All of the sudden, the young, now teenage women, had nothing to say. And once they spoke, no one listened to them. All of a sudden those who had tried it have been released. The prisoner was released. Those who have been convicted have been launched. Why? As a result of I consider a number of individual individuals. As one priest, and as a successor to Paris, Inexperienced. They came, they managed to supply metamorphosis locally. And I read it with astonishment and gratitude. Mr. Williams, yes, an individual can save the world. It's so easy to save lots of another individual.

We all know in philosophy that there are two absolute: to convey life and take it away. And each are so easy. Anyone can convey life. However anybody can remove it. It is so straightforward for a human being to say that only a person who screens injustice to man was humanity, braveness, nobility to say I can't let it happen. I simply can't.

In Germany there was a lady in Berlin, a simple lady, a housewife – I'm not saying that housewives are simple – however she was a simple housewife, and she or he saved some Jews in the course of the struggle, all through the warfare in Berlin, they gave give him a medal. There have been many journalists, they usually all asked him why you probably did it? The place did you get the braveness to do what you did? And why, why, why…? And he didn't understand the questions. Ultimately she did herself and stated, “You need to know why I did it, I'll inform you. For self-respect. “It's vanity. To assist an individual in need of assistance is vanity. The struggle towards racism means vanity. Combating another's intolerance means vanity. Subsequently, once I learn Salem's tales, I discover that the victims had loads of self-respect. The judges are so confused, I can't inform you. Once I came upon that the chief lawyer, lieutenant-general came later as governor after the trials. But what happened to individuals in Salem, Massachusetts. He turned governor. He should have distorted himself from all (occasions?) Coming. However he turned governor. He had power. He didn't give it, didn't surrender. I cannot inform you how unhappy I’m, once I think of those that accepted the judgment, but I’m pleased with the victims, who don’t settle for the verdict. Of those that stated the top, no. No! Justice shouldn’t be mine, your faith is just not mine. And I claim my proper to mankind, which is my proper to consider in the God I consider. What have we discovered from it? In occasions of inhumanity, mankind continues to be potential. Even when there’s hate and battle towards it. If I can't struggle anger everywhere in the world, I can struggle anger someplace, with one individual, in me. I have observed that the keyword, which is a part of the tragedy of the drama vocabulary, is fanaticism. It’s as a result of individuals have been fanatical that Salem was potential. It's as a result of the fanatic is straightforward. It is so straightforward to consider that youngsters really saw the demon witch. It is so straightforward to consider that the Ombudsman spoke for justice. I consider that fanaticism exists for the worst evil that was there because it produced more evil. And fanaticism is the greatest evil that is forward of us immediately. Also immediately is Salems. No less than.

In the 1930s, earlier than you have been all born, Moscow examined the world. There were trials in Moscow. The most important leaders of the Soviet Union, Lenin's partners, have been accused of fraud, corruption, every thing you would think about on the earth of evil, they usually confessed. How did they acknowledge? The people who have been heroes opposed the Tsar's secret service, however didn’t oppose Stalin's secret service, they usually all acknowledged. What have been the exams that didn’t have witches?

Can I skip the era? What Khomeini was making an attempt to do if the fanaticism of the nation and the size of faith was not put in, and Salman Rushdie was sentenced to dying. Now I perceive if critics need to kill a author but not like that. And immediately, for our great unrest and unhappiness, there is a type of nationality witchcraft that was Yugoslavia. Once we keep in mind these victims here with satisfaction and unhappiness and admiration, we can’t keep in mind the victims of at the moment and yesterday. They received the freedom they do with it for God's sake! They abuse their freedom and use it to unfold hatred amongst themselves. Who would have thought that in free Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, my God, Sarajevo, we thought concerning the past and the current. Once I read within the newspapers firstly of Sarajevo, I questioned, "Maybe I'm dreaming?" Sarajevo belongs to the First World Warfare, not at the moment. It got here back to the news and what are they doing, Serbs? Opening focus camps, dying camps, bringing individuals to the box? Kill them? Summary of executions. Why, as a result of they’re Muslims? Or Croatians? What is occurring on this world? I’m even more disturbed by our country leaders and different nations who ought to know better that they don’t seem to be doing the whey they need to do. I consider we should stop killing dying!

Have you ever seen the youngsters on the bus, the two youngsters have been killed on a bus crossing. Have you seen the funeral of these youngsters yesterday, in a cemetery, stripped of Serbs. Absurd is so merciless that he can not be taken. I recommend that if President Bush might arrange an alliance towards Iraq, he also needs to have the ability to manage a brand new alliance. And I would really like the United Nations Security Council and Basic Assembly and all the great individuals, all moral individuals, to declare that the authors and their leaders, political or army, if they don’t stop there, are accused of crimes towards humanity. Lastly, my good associates, what we have now seen right here at the moment, isn’t just concerning the previous, however concerning the current. The fact that if a person or group of people comes and says that they’re superior to another group because of their shade, race, or faith, they’ll trigger upheavals with their accompanying bloodshed. When innocence turns into the primary sufferer. When individuals are being wronged when individuals are being unfairly imprisoned, when individuals, males or ladies or youngsters – for God's sake, I can't overlook that one of many prisoners was 4 years previous, with chains – when the youngsters fall sufferer, humiliated meaning there is something incorrect in our society. And indeed, you selected the fourth word "Memory". Every thing have to be remembered that we are worthy of redemption. Thanks.

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