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Festival Neue Literary Ulfers Award Winners Translated by Susan Bernofsky

Festival Neue Literary Ulfers Award Winners Translated by Susan Bernofsky

By Rivka Galchen tells the viewers concerning the Festival Neue Literary Ulfers Award: "We are so happy that Susan Bernofsky is working on translation."

Left Sarah Girner, Friedrich Ulfers, Juliane Camfield and Ulfers Prize Winner Susan Bernofsky March 28 on the Neue Literatur Prize Gala in New York. Photograph: FNL, Stefan Falke

Respecting Bernofski: "Brilliant Problem Solving"

Festival Neue Literatur introduced on Thursday night time (March 28) within the annual kick competitors with Friedrich Ulfers Prize of the German-Englishman to the translator and instructor Susan Bernofskille, which is a Canadian-American novelist Rivka Galchen described as "one of the most talented, well-informed, exceptional women or men, that I have been so happy to work in my life. "

Deutsches Haus annually awards the Ulfers Prize to a writer, writer, critic, translator or researcher who has supported the promotion of German literature in america.

The previous recipients of the Friedrich Ulfers Prize are Barbara Perlmutter, Barbara Epler, Burton Pike, Robert Weil, Sara Bershtel and Carol Brown Janeway.

Bernofsky directs a part of MFA's written translation program at Columbia University Faculty of Arts, and has gained the 2015 Unbiased Literature Prize, Schlegel-Tieck Translation Award, Ungar Prize for Translation, Oxford-Weidenfeld Translation Award and Opening Warwick Award for Ladies

Many know Bernofsky's blog posts at Translation at Translation. His translations embrace Robert Walser's works (he writes his biography), Franz Kafka, Hermann Hesse, Jenny Erpenbeck and Yoko Tawada. His translation of Erpenbeck's novel End of Days (2016) gained the 2015 Unbiased Overseas Fiction Award, the Schlegel-Tieck Translation Prize, the Ungar Prize for Literary Translation and the Oxford-Weidenfeld Translation Award.

Susan Bernofksy ”isn’t just an exceptional page but in addition a translator and advocate.” Rivka Galchen

His translation of Tawada's Romanesque memorabilia (New Directions, 2016) gained the opening ceremony of the Warwick Award for Ladies.

Nameless Friedrich Ulfers is Assistant Professor on the College of New York, Germany. Previously, he has also served as a School of Arts and School, Director of Undergraduate Diploma in Germany, Government Vice President of NYU Berlin Summer time Program, and Director of Deutsches Haus at NYU. NYU Distinguished Educating Medal and Nice Instructor Award Prize winner Ulfers is the winner of the Golden Dozen Award on the University of Arts and Sciences

. More info and registration is out there on this preview.

Under we need to add publishing functions "congratulations to Bernofski and share with you the comments of Galchen on the prize presented last night." We give you these feedback in full in accordance with the pageant Neue Literature

Friedrich Ulfers speaks with Gala individuals on the 10th Annual Festival Neue Literatur on March 28th. Photograph: FNL, Stefan Falke

Rivka Galchen & # 39; s Ulfers Susan Bernofsky's Award Ceremony

Lots of you already know Susan, however for many who don't need to, I need to begin by sharing an anecdote to provide you a sense of his agile, mild glory.

Rivka Galchen

Not too way back I wrote a translation question to Susan about my work I wrote about George Frederick Handel's Messiah: "Handle" means "trade" in German? He replied to me shortly, saying that sure, "Handel" meant buying and selling, however he defined how it wouldn't get me, as a result of in German the identify of the composer is written "Handel", which is pronounced differently than "Handel" – Handel " "is like" e "" mezzo-forte ", whereas" a "in Handel is greater than" o "in" point. "

He continued to tell me that there’s a German noun "Händel", which is technically multiple to "trading" (from the viewpoint of transactions), however that he never hears it used to assume that it’s archaic and when it is used, it means "quarrel".

He closed by saying: "Last time I heard it used to be Schlegel's first episode of Romeo and Julia, but keep in mind that I can't get out so much."

So it's just a little Susan. But now I need to share one thing about how I met him first.

I mention the translation by Robert Walser, the good Swiss-German author in Susan. "So here was the book again," the point begins. That is Microscript 54, a short piece that Walser wrote in his very small handwriting on the within of an affordable paper case, specifically referred to as The Torment. Most of Walser's microscopes have been in all probability written when Walser lived in the shelter he made in the final 23 years. Even Walser's microscopes have pleasure and evil.

"So here was the book again," he writes, and once more I used to be introduced to the lady. I have acquired fairly a bit of reading ladies acquaintances, a pleasing strategy to increase your information of the sector, despite the fact that I can definitely acknowledge that on this case it is lazy. ”

I used to be additionally lazy this manner. I wrote a long-term overview of Walser's mikroskriptien Harper, and this ebook, such because the old style calling card, launched me to one of the gifted, thoughtful, distinctive ladies or men, that I have been so comfortable

Susan is in its translation delivered to the English-speaking readers besides Robert Walser's writings also Jenny Erpenbeckin , Jeremias Gotthelfin, Yoko Tawadan, Franz Kafkan, Hermann Hessen and Others

A lot of the work completed by these authors is a specific problem for the translator. The floor traits of words are sometimes essential, and there are various plays in the turns of sentences and archives.

The first Walser-related German question I requested from Susan, I admitted, was his swinishness. One brief paragraph, referred to as Swine Walser, performs so many occasions that it has a which means in kaleidoscope. Susan took this all over the place with phrases akin to "high hog", "promoting culture in pigs", "completely delicious and sensitive pig", and "people are happy to place beauty close to pork." sad "before landing on the lock line:" No one can declare he isn’t a pig. ”

What influenced me was how Susan's translation carries clown and sincerity at the similar time, and even finds the perfect pork degree in the word 'pig. “How did you do this? I keep in mind asking him, and although I can't keep in mind his actual phrases, it was one thing that appeared to be: Oh, that one was pretty straightforward.

He gave me one other instance that had been harder. I will save you German pronunciation, however I will attempt to inform you one thing about artistic and ingenious drawback solving by Susan. In one other microscope, Walser makes use of the German phrase "Fond" in two totally different senses, once to mark the background as within the painting, after which to mean the rear seat of the automotive. The same German phrase "fond" is repeated within the "fund" in use – found: find! Tips on how to keep all or a few of this? Here is the purpose in Susan's translation:

This Reality. This can be a treasure trove with events that have truly taken place. This automotive drove away, and he and he have been sitting behind. How do you like Trove and Drove? Keep in mind these phrases! They don’t seem to be my innovations. How are such sensitive expressions born with me? I simply snapped them and put them in use now. Don't you assume "Trove" is ben trovato?

Susan explained to me some considering that went into this, and this time I quote her, "I couldn't find a single word that could make a double duty in this context, but I thought the rhyme" Trove "/" drove "for the first time." "Shouldn’t be the same as" background ", but in such instances, I feel language repetition is usually extra essential than (ie preceded / motivated) by the exact selection of words. it’s obvious that Walser does not have Italy, however makes use of overseas expressions (often French or Latin) elsewhere in his collection for a mock-cultivated effect, so it's an excuse for me to assume it's justified. ”

In fact, each venture has hundreds of solutions

We’re so completely satisfied that Susan works in translation work, not solely on exceptional pages but in addition as a translator and translator.

I am utterly pleased and I am not stunned that he has been selected on this large prize.

March 28th, Liesl Schillinger, Neue Literatur Festival, and John Wray, 2019 Festival. Photograph: FNL, Stefan Falke

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