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Prodovite's 'proof' is spam-scientific science

Prodovite's 'proof' is spam-scientific science

I just lately acquired an e mail asking:

”What are your thoughts on this supplement?
Have you ever ever studied Prodovite for having revealed an IRB medical research. ”

I had quick questions:“ Good compared to what? Good is what? “I couldn't discover the answers. They claim it is higher absorbed; so what? They claim that "Prodovite can help restore the ability to use oxygen and water to generate energy, manage energy, and then remove enough power from the garbage." However there is no evidence that we should not have this means or need help to revive it, or that Prodovite can restore every little thing. In any case? Are there real medical penalties? Does it affect how individuals really feel and carry out? Does it change health outcomes? Are there any measurable modifications, and in that case, do they only change in laboratory checks or is patient-based evidence (POEMS)? It is all very fuzzy and has the standard FDA disclaimer that it is not meant to diagnose, deal with, remedy or forestall any illness.

I learn a printed IRB medical research.

What is Prodovite?

Prodovite is "a unique unique and superior liquid vitamin, mineral and plant-plant protection complex." . “It incorporates components which might be just like different vitamin / mineral components, as well as things like inositol and white pine cones; however the important ingredient is a natural combination whose elements are listed right here. They declare that "without micronutrients or nutrients that are not handled at the macro level, we cannot act according to our maximum capacity and ultimately shorten our lives if we do not get these essential micronutrients." ? There is no evidence of this claim.

They Explain Their Method: Use Solely High Quality Elements. They’re predetermined to obtain small, flat particle sizes that the body can use. They are positioned in a phospholipid capsule to type a liposome with up to 100 liposomal clusters within other liposomes. They say that each one the digestive tissues, from the mouth to the massive intestine, LOVE phospholipids. (Whaat?)

They say once you put it in your mouth and around it, it shortly absorbs into the blood vessels underneath the tongue. That's what the mouth is not absorbed and passes via the digestive tract, and particles adhere to the intestinal wall and begin to decompose and release nutrients and phospholipids within the bloodstream, with the intention to shortly and for a long time absorption. (How lengthy? They mention 30 minutes, however what occurs after that? Is your repeat dose every 30 minutes?) They say that their product is totally different from some other product available on the market

It's "nutrition that you can feel. "It Modifications the High quality of Your Life. 15 Watt bulb. (What ought to it show?)

They are saying their phospholipids are treated with Power Frequency Imprinting. (I discover it onerous to consider!)

They declare that Prodovite is a must for m all because we’ve got less potential to use oxygen and water (and the way do they know this?). They provide an extended listing of signs and sicknesses ensuing from the outcomes, reminiscent of stressed legs, muscle twitches, bone ache, osteoporosis, kidney stones, periodontal disease, melancholy, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, most cancers and rather more. This is, in fact, all nonsense. They say these are additionally signs of acidosis. (No, they're not!) They are saying, "We don't deal with diseases, we give the body the resources it needs to rejuvenate and revitalize cellular metabolism." They even lend the Bible. They say the picture exhibits "dead stacked red blood cells that poison the patient." But the follow-up image presumably exhibits them a return to life. They confer with a construction that is bigger than a "molecule" of a blood cell. They provide suggestions: the sight of a legally blind individual was returned to the place the place he obtained his driving license. Foot-amputation of the diabetic ulcer was prevented and the wound utterly healed. The load carry raised its lifting capacity from 395 to 575 kg.


There is only one revealed research. You’ll be able to read it your self. It is not listed in PubMed, but I discovered it by way of Google Scholar. It was revealed in Useful Foods in Well being & Diseasenearly 4 years in the past, in September 2015. The title is “The effect of VMP35 supplemental ingredients encapsulated in the new Phospholipid Prodosome SK713 SLP Nutrition Technique, which has been observed due to changes. live human blood. ”

38 individuals have been randomly taken. They acquired reside blood cell imaging before and 5 minutes after taking Prodovite. They act as their own management, utilizing bottled water for comparability. "Before" pictures have been regular (is it normal to be abnormal?) Was not blind. The authors interpreted modifications in reside blood cell observations earlier than and after taking Prodovite as proof that nutritional medicine got rapidly and successfully to the blood. They referred to as it "an important contribution to the potential benefits of food supplements." These conclusions weren’t justified

Not blind!? Blinding is essential in an effort to forestall phantasm. On this case, the objects might tell whether they acquired Prodovite or bottled water, and the microscopes knew what they needed to see and manipulate consciously or unconsciously for their observations as a way to acquire the desired observations

. contributors have been a part of Prodovite's Victory Vitamin Worldwide. Another writer's wife was an unbiased representative of Victory Vitamin.

They make a considerable amount of IRB approval for their analysis. They assume it was an unprecedented achievement for a nutritional drug. The truth is, each medical trial ought to be accepted by the IRB to guard individuals. They describe the time and price concerned, in addition to the steps of the revealed research (as if understanding their difficulties would persuade individuals to consider their outcomes!). They’re proud to type a proper protocol for blood cell evaluation, but the protocol is ineffective as a result of it doesn’t embrace blindness. They assumed it was a legitimate check. (Not. See under.) They didn't do something to assess its validity.

The video interprets the observations of microscopy of dwelling cells in the research. It claims that purple blood cells are aggregations because they’ve misplaced their unfavourable charge and white blood cells are quarter-sized, "probably because the cell aggregation somehow affects the bloodstream, which directly or indirectly affects the immune [sic]."

5 minutes after taking Prodovite, they are saying that a damaging cost has been returned, purple blood cells move freely, not aggregated, and white blood cells four occasions larger. (How on Earth can circulating white blood cells get four occasions larger in 5 minutes? !!)

Analysis of Stay Blood Cells is a Bunkum

In accordance with Stephen Barrett's analysis, the claims of cell dwelling analysis in Quackwatch are. “Female observers misread objects that happen when a blood pattern dries, they don’t clean slides and interpret the residual area as blood elements, and are unable to focus the microscope appropriately and misinterpret the observations. "Improvements" in their views are more likely to be resulting from a unique take a look at the slides. “Blood dries quicker in the neighborhood of the slopes than close to the center. Thus, an "improvement" is seen if the primary pattern is seen near the sting, and the second pattern is examined within the middle. “Stephen Barrett examined it: he distorted the tablets he took; and certainly, another of his samples showed an "improvement" that they predicted from the drugs. Regulators have thought-about fraudulent analysis of dwelling blood cells and haven’t any noticeable value. There is a superb article that unleashes it to the skeptical inquiry committee. Mark Crislip criticizes it for science-based drugs in 2009. Wikipedia and Edzard Ernst clarify that there is no evidence that it is dependable or effective; they name it fraudulent. Even Andrew Weil rejects it.

Conclusion: Prodovite is a great instance of dangerous info

Prodoviit's claims are nothing more than speculation, wishful considering, self-deception, placebo and garbage. One revealed research is travesty; evaluation of dwelling blood cells is a false check that cannot provide "evidence". Publication was a mistake;

Selling Prodovite advantages the company, however I see no cause to assume that it will profit the well being of the purchasers.

There is no strategy to know whether or not it is protected and efficient as a result of it has never been examined appropriately. Perhaps it really works at the very least to enhance the health of some sufferers in some conditions. I might be glad to comply with evidence anyplace, however the company has to offer real proof, not just junk. After their website I’m not optimistic about their means to do so, and I can’t hold my breath.