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The Genesis II Church continues to sell Miracle Mineral Supplement as a medicine – Science-Based Medicine

Jim Humble

Last week I observed that I'm again after a almost three-week break for a little little bit of cervical surgical procedure. This week I’ve to notice that one thing else has returned. No, it's not right. It never went away, nevertheless it does the information once more. I made a decision to write it once more (1) because it has been a long time because it has been dealt with by SBM and (2) it’s a good instance of how many quackery varieties, regardless of how ridiculous, by no means go away whatever the unfavourable information, proof and even prosecution. I refer to the so-referred to as Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS, typically referred to as Miracle Mineral Answer) or, as we wish to name here in SBM, a type of industrial bleaching. Thanks to Jim Humble and his well being church for Genesis II, bleaching is getting used to treat and deal with autism and lots of different illnesses, including HIV / AIDS. It is a remedy that has been warned by the FDA since 2010 and sentenced by some of the well-known MMS distributors, Louis Daniel Smith, for conspiracy, smuggling, the sale of counterfeit medicine and fraud in america.

again up slightly. There are some quackery shapes that I’ve never been in a position to understand, which is so unusual, so without a rational scientific basis, and so probably harmful, that it hurts my mind that anybody might ever assume it’s a good concept. MMS is just such a remedy, and I observed it for the first time virtually nine years ago. In thoughts bogglingly MMS, is a sort of bleach. Specifically, it is principally an industrial power bleach, 28% sodium chloride with distilled water. It is typically diluted with acidic juices, such as orange juice, which leads to the formation of chlorine dioxide, which, due to the nature of the FDA, is "an effective bleaching used to remove textiles and treat industrial water." can improve virtually the whole lot: most cancers, AIDS and a very critical illness you’ll be able to think about. Don’t bear in mind that there isn’t a biological credibility and no preclinical or medical evidence that MMS could make its supporters declare. True, the bleaching agent can kill micro organism or cancer cells at a sufficiently excessive focus, but that doesn’t mean that it is a helpful antibiotic or chemotherapeutic agent. Feeding youngsters with autism by bleaching or even worse once they have to whiten the enema is terrifying – and sure, that is actually the case. There are strict, especially Kerri Rivera, who is in favor of diluting and giving MMS to autistic youngsters both orally and as an enema for the remedy of autism. Before he agreed to signal a declaration of voluntary compliance for which he refused to (a) sell MMS messages or comparable gadgets to Illinois residents and to present future Illinois conferences on using such substances for the remedy of autism, Rivera was a common arrangement at Autism One Quackfest in Chicago. for years. Nevertheless, he nonetheless sells MMS in Mexico.

Imagine my distress once I observed Hemanta Mehta's letter and story in The Guardian on Friday, saying to me:

The group, calling itself the Genesis II Well being and Healing Church, plans to meet on Saturday at a lodge resort in Washington State to promote "miracle care" claiming to heal 95% of all illnesses on the earth by making adults and youngsters, including youngsters

The group invitations the general public via Facebook to participate in what they name "effective alternative healing" at Leavenworth's Icicle Village Resort on Saturday morning. Event organizer, Tom Merry, has unveiled an event on his own Fb web page, telling people who learning to bleach consumption might "save your life or the life of your loved one sent home to death"

"Church" asks attendees to "donate" $ 450 each, or $ 800 for a couple, in trade for membership in a corporation, and bleach packages that they call sacraments. The chemical known as MMS or "miracle mineral solution or supplement", and the individuals are promised that they’ll receive "knowledge that will help heal many of the terrible diseases of this world".

Saturday was two days ago and appeared round for any stories of what occurred. I found a brief discover of an occasion that occurred in Leavenworth, WA on Genesis II, however not far more. I additionally notice that the Fb-related occasion page not exists. As well as, there’s apparently a second seminar to be held on 17 August in Eden, NY. Nevertheless, it isn’t troublesome to find advertisements for the G2 Sacramental Package on the official Fb web page of the Church:

For those who just like the official Facebook web page of Genesis II, one can find all types of quackery, including practical medicine, antivaccine tirades, anti-GMO pseudoscience, anti-fluoridation worry, and naturally the advert "documentary" that commends the church has present in MMS an enchancment to 97% of the disease: [19659002

And right here is a trailer:

In a trailer, man claims that small The band ("Church") has found an improvement in "pretty much every disease" that disturbs individuals, but it is – in fact! Jim Humble's clip calls "fake" and "formed" illnesses of diabetes, hypercholesterolemia and diabetes.

Sadly, this "church" uses faith to conceal its "sacrament". link to Genesis II founder Jim Humble's MMS protocols are described as “Health Sacramental MMS protocols,” and MMS suppliers are listed in the first G2 Sacrament Supplier and All G2 Sacrament Providers. Under is a record of sacrament suppliers around the globe, including Africa, Europe, South America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and america. Notably unusual is Genesis2Church Chapter 321 in Arizona:

Genesis2Church Chapter # 321

Web site:
E-mail: [e-mail protected]
Sacraments: MMS, HCL four%, CA 50%, CDS, MMS2, DMSO, calcium bentonite clay,
Diatomaceous earth, sodium chlorite flakes, check strips, plastic bottles, empty capsules
Ships: worldwide

Should you go to the hyperlink, you will notice the MMS / CDS described as "CDC Water Purification Bottles" which is enjoyable because CDS is definitely used in business. In case you comply with a link to one of the MMS providers, Atlantis Therapeutic Middle, you can see a fantastic line, "MMS sacraments are now available as discount items." and this resurrection of the subject in international news supplies a good alternative, especially once I do not disassemble (no less than not right here) last yr when my father in Indianapolis accused his wife of giving his youngsters MMS.

MMS: Bleaching away

As a result of I'm more acquainted in connection together with his and his robbery, talk about it mainly (but not solely) Kerri Rivera protocols. To my information, using MMS, either verbally or with an enema or both, first bubbled into the "biomed" of underground autism, which is round 2010. Nevertheless, Kerri Rivera reported yearly on the Anivaksin Autism Annual Report, recognized as Autism One, and talked about how he "recovered" "38 autistic youngsters within 20 months. At that time, Rivera was operating in Mexico at Puerto Vallarta clinic, which she referred to as AutismO2 Clinica Hyperbarica. Not surprisingly, the location is not there. continues to be there. Luckily,'s Almighty Wayback Machine now supplies you with the inadequate materials we’re eager about beneath “Protocols.” It conveniently offers versions of protocols in each English and Spanish.

This; So I assumed to go to Rivera's protocols, as his archived slides have shown. Much of these parrots are the same nonsense that anti-taxis need a parrot, for example, a mannequin where "toxins", weight loss plan, genetics and antibiotics "load the gun." There are additionally a few biofilms there. Stated chelation remedy has been mentioned. Enjoyable (and horrifying), at first, is that this:


  • The only killer of human-recognized pathogens. It has been used in warehouses to kill pathogens with meat and slaughtered chickens; It has been used to sterilize hospital flooring and benches and kill pathogens in water with out killing pleasant bacteria for over 70 years.
  • Now the same method is used within the body and in the identical state of affairs. The body shouldn’t be harmed, but the pathogens are destroyed. In its efficient type, MMS is chlorine dioxide that returns to harmless chloride and neutralized oxygen. It leaves nothing behind to construct.

Because industrial bleach is simply what you need to suck or feed your baby. It doesn't improve. Later there’s a slide that reads:

My MMS journey

With the thought of ​​mind virus, I visited Google College in July 2010 when my pal started Goldberg protocol with none enhancements. But I feel he's something. Goldberg and Usman are two individuals for me who heal autism for apparent causes, they usually each think of pathogens first.

MMS kills virus, micro organism, Candida, neutralizes metals, and MMS passes by way of the blood-mind barrier. What more do we’d like?

What about a credible scientific justification and security certificate? I find that this is identical cause for utilizing colloidal silver: it kills pathogens on surfaces and pores and skin properly, and indeed silver does. Subsequently, it’s out there in a variety of antimicrobials used to deal with burns. It isn’t only attainable to get it into the bloodstream at a sufficiently high concentration to do the identical there, despite the fact that it is attainable for lengthy-term use. As you could recall, chelation remedy is a pulse therapy used in autism, which requires that autism is brought on by 'heavy metallic toxicity'. Chelating agents bind to heavy metals and facilitate their excretion into the urine. Sadly, depleted heavy metals embrace calcium and magnesium, and decreasing these two metals can lead to cardiac arrhythmias and dying. This isn’t a theoretical danger.

The MMS protocol has been moved to some normal points in the autism quackery:

  • 10-15 drops of MMS and 500 ml of water
  • Colon 12 – 30 minutes [19659022] Use pipette and syringe
  • Applied 2 or three occasions per week

. I have beforehand said that MMS's supporters not solely present MMS autistic youngsters HCl orally, but that some even sow them there, and, in fact, Rivera supported with its stern syringes. Rivera beneficial a steady dose improve. He even mentioned potential negative effects. I keep in mind a very long time in the past (unfortunately I couldn't find the video) where Rivera talked about how autistic youngsters may get diarrhea from MMS, but how it was OK as lengthy as it was “detox diarrhea”. the reaction he was awaiting for the Herxheimer response, which is usually seen after the introduction of antibacterial brokers, was in contrast with that of mite-induced fever. It was first described as a response to remedy for penicillin-containing syphilis, and can also be seen after remedy for other illnesses brought on by spirochetes such as Lyme disease and leptospirosis. In principle, this response is due to the discharge of endotoxin-like merchandise from microorganisms once they die during antibiotic remedy. Rivera additionally mentioned what he referred to as the "72-2" protocol, which includes giving MMS every two hours for 72 hours. He additionally advisable "heat treatment" and argued that it is good that MMS may cause fever as a result of it "wakes up the immune system" that understands that the home has "autism". a lot for autism

Rivera slides from the 2012 Autism One quackfest are still on the location. They're doing one thing unusual. Nevertheless, I have to give some amusement when Rivera's selection ends:

“Miracles happen every day. Not only in remote or holy places in the midst of the world, but here, in our own lives. ”- Deepak Chopra.

Sure, this seems applicable. Additionally it is applicable that apparently (as I have just discovered yesterday) Facebook has finally ended Rivera's web page: 6

years of campaigning BLEACH-witch Rivera and FB towards the have lastly stopped him.
Also his private web page has been deleted.
Screenshot is the newest video that she wept at her FB.
Properly completed for anyone who’s campaigning with me, autistic youngsters are safer.
Be proud ❤ #ENDMMSABUSE] – Fiona Pettit O & # 39; Leary (@ fionapettit71) April 21, 2019

Properly, O Leary.

Some of the widespread claims of Jim Humble and his disciples is that MMS is protected and causes zero or minor negative effects. With my social media, the promise of underground biistic autism has shown me in any other case.

MMS: Case Studies

How nasty MMS could be given to youngsters may be understood should you read a story about a mother who exposes her baby to Kerr's MMS protocol, together with oral consumption of each MMS and MMS. It's six years previous however oddly it’s nonetheless online. Introduction units the background. The boy's identify was Jojo, and he was virtually eleven. She was recognized with autism when she was three years previous and her mother had submitted her to "biomedicism of autism" because the starting of December 2005 as a result of, as she stated, "I decided to let it go because my mother's instinct told me that Jojo suffers from sudden stomach problems."

Apparently, Jojo experienced a wide selection of "autism biomedics" that had been prior to now seven or eight years before the weblog events, however in March 2013 "biomedical" remedy was taken Translate to horrible when Jojo's mom discovered MMS and began following Kerri Rivera MMS protocol:

Jojo will get 1 ouncesof the combination every hour, so he will get 1/8 drops each time effectively, his first dose after faculty at 13.00 and he's only given eight doses, regardless that I tell me is the minimal. I feel that I might add up to 9-12 servings per day, however I'm also careful, nevertheless, the consequences of potential deaths.

He also needs to have been leery, however apparently was not careful sufficient to have the opportunity to treat biomedical scarring. Even on the first day, he observed Jojo with a low fever and cough, which in fact might have been simply a coincidence. He additionally famous that JoJo has an increased hyperactivity that would easily be due to reinforcement attachment. To day 2, Jojo continued his fever and his coughs worsened. His mom one way or the other believed that "cough after taking MMS may be due to lung parasites in the lungs," is unimaginable as a result of somebody might consider something like this. Subsequent markings illustrate the constipation of Jojo remedy and, when it was resolved, the mother thought the parasites came out of the stool. It is a theme that continues by means of your complete weblog as a result of Jojo develops continual eczema (in fact, in fact, injured) diarrhea, pleasure and flareup.

Finally, Jojo's mother decides she wants MMS-enemas When the SMS is exchanged with Kerri Rivera. Jojo's mother tells Rivera she is constipated, and Rivera replies:

Make an enema. The gut might be a worm. And provides extra MMS doses if you find yourself awake. Add MMS now, thanks.

So Jojo's mother did simply that and gave the first enema on day 7.

What occurred? Here, it is rather helpful to examine the claims of people like Kerri Rivera to those that sell "liver rinses" developed to trigger gallstones out of the stool. The first instance of that is a script referred to as Worm. Listed here are the rough photographs beginning. (I’ll save you from watching them until you want to embed real pictures.) Now take a look at this hyperlink and the image in it. It’s principally somebody who seems to be a bit worn out. Jojo's mom asked her mom's associates in the MMS Fb group, all of whom have been "sure" it was a worm. It isn’t. No matter your surgeon or doctor who treats GI issues, identifies it as a bit of mucus, probably with a small colonic mucosa (lining of the colon). We see this type of factor all the time, and it's really not a worm.

In April and Might, Jojo's mother treated weblog readers about strange photographs of such issues. For instance, on this message he spread a collection of nasty items and described it. Kerri Rivera, who was informed to us, had informed her that these things was "worm INTESTINES." The outer shell is already reduce and the inside (intestines, and so forth.) breaks down like this. "No, it was just more mucus mixed with the colonic mucosa (lining of the colon). I think a surgeon disturbing it looked to me like a pretty reasonable sized mucus lining of the colon. I can't say for sure how big it is because, unfortunately, Jojo's mother was not able to offer the ruler next to it. Oddly enough, the lower image showed more mucus, and Jojo's mother marked it right. Then, immediately after we processed more pictures of mucus and sloughed colonic mucosa, which Rivera once again described as "the carpet in the intestines, the external" skin has already been rendered. "

Later in his story, Jojo's mom informed us:

It has been a while since I wrote this weblog, but I've been so busy. I have been silent for a long time, I began about a week before the parasite April. Confidence in the separation of biofilm (translucent, clear, cinematic gel), mucus (water decomposes) and carpet burns (appears like an opaque material from layers when lifted by work that wraps round like a rope) when these carpets are eliminated and what we see is that the rope-like material is its intestines, the inside of the carpet.

Later nonetheless, because "worms" have been still coming (because they all the time got here out as a result of they have been intestinal mucosa and lymphatic, not worms), Rivera advised Jojo to treat her son not only for whitening, but for Mebendazol, medicine Used for worms such as pinworms, roundworms, flight badges, hookworms and whipworms. The new protocol contained:

  • Mebendazole / Combantrin
  • Diatomite Land (DE) + Rompepiedras (RP)
  • Castor Oil
  • Neem
  • Neem

All the above in several mixtures on totally different days , no real model for it, so there have to be sufficient ball to know what has been given in the parasitic protocol on days 1-18. From 18 it is just DE and RP

I’ve to say that I've seen a lot of worms after starting the parasite protocol. So what I read Andreas Kalckerista, saying that the CD (read: MMS) alone does not kill parasites and that mebendazole have to be true. Although killing parasites alone on CDs, one of the best outcomes are achieved with the Rivera CD protocol, made along side the Kalcker Parasite protocol.

Keep in mind what I stated concerning the above-mentioned liver rinses? Principally, most liver rinses use Epsom salts, olive oil, and fruit juices such as apple juice or lemon juice. As I discussed earlier, these "gallstones" are aside from saponified oils due to juices and salts of Epsom salts or phosphate salts, typically used in these protocols. Likewise, what I think is right here is that castor oil and neem (which can also be oil), combined with diatomaceous earth, combine very similar to juices, Epsom salts, oils and acid to make liver waves, the difference is that the mixture is unlikely cleaning soap in the same means. Nevertheless, clearly, when including enema, what comes out as an alternative of seeing small stones exhibits the pictures we see.

Not simply this baby. In 2017, the UK had this information report:

A lady from Cheshire has been reported to police in a secret Fb group to mother and father claiming that autism is brought on by a parasite that may be cleaned by probably lethal remedy.

Nevertheless, autism marketing campaign Emma Dalmayne that penetrated group indicates actual image to show a youngsters's intestinal lining, which is blown out of bleach

of the administration of CD (chlorine dioxide) or MMS (Miracle Mineral Answer), which is administered orally or by enema by means of.

Dalmayne informed some really terrible issues:

Not one of the mother and father admits that that is occurring to their youngsters in public. This remedy just isn’t unlawful in the mean time, but we now have to eliminate it, ”stated the sixth mother.

"The most excessive means, which I’ve seen to date, is the son of six years, who had his bowels is eliminated and put in kolostomiapussi after his mother and father had given him these enemas.

"These pictures show the intestines of these victims."

I cannot help but repeat the anecdote, which I photographed final time I wrote MMS to:

I have a 14-year-previous son with autism. I've been treating him parasite cleansing system 1,5 years (5 days, 2 days off). He has made some vital improvements, however every time I attempt to wean him away from the cleansing, the parasitic signs improve. She is speechless and moderately low in activity, so I don't get her feedback on how she feels. Last week I started with 1 drop of MMS and lifted a dose of 1 drop, 2x a day this week. After about four days, 2 drops / day he vomited as soon as and had diarrhea all day. I assume it's MMS. I made a decision to drop one drop a day until he crosses this. She tends to be unfastened stools, which I'm guessing mass, that it is associated to this continuing battle with parasites.

Such stories are in all places.

Bleaching culture

Like virtually all various medicine, MMS is principally a cult half. The truth is, the cult itself (Jim Humble's Genesis II Church) makes it specific by calling MMS a "sacrament" in its religion. It is now exhausting to say whether or not Genesis II exists primarily to sell MMS now or whether or not MMS is absolutely simply a a part of religion. Jim Humble is, in fact, a great staff leader:

The Genesis II Well being and Healing Church believes that MMS, which is principally industrial bleaching, is a spiritual sacrament.

The church appeared to the Eyewitness News producer when he went to smuggle together with his iPhone at a seminar in Costa Mesa.

Their founder, Jim Humble, is a former scientologist who claims to be a billion-yr-previous god of Andromeda's galaxy.

“And then I asked to put the part of the space fleet that looked on the earth,” the standard, self-proclaimed Genesis II Well being and Therapeutic Church Archbishop claims within the video.

Humble additionally claims that he discovered a miracle drink within the jungles of South America.

“I recently dealt with 800 HIV cases in Africa, every one of them came out good,” the standard is heard in another video.

It might be one factor if Humble thought he was a billion-yr-previous god of Andromeda who was a part of a spacecraft that was watching the earth. Then he can be just a harmless (and probably humorous) crank. But he goes additional than claiming to give you the chance to remedy most cancers, HIV, diabetes, autism, a number of sclerosis, malaria and principally virtually any industrial bleaching disease by fascinated by the history of how he in all probability found MMS in 1996, though it was a warning: [19659004] In 1996, while on a mine trip in South America, I discovered that chlorine dioxide shortly destroys malaria. Since then, it has proven to restore partial or complete well being to tons of of hundreds of people affected by many illnesses, together with cancer, diabetes, hepatitis A, B, C, Lyme illness, MRSA, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's illness, HIV / AIDS, malaria , autism, all types of infections, arthritis, high cholesterol, acid reflux disease, kidney or liver illness, ache, allergic reactions, urinary tract infections, indigestion, high blood pressure, weight problems, parasites, tumors and cysts, melancholy, sinus issues, eye illnesses, ear infections, dengue fever, skin problems, dental issues, prostate problems (excessive PSA), erectile dysfunction and the listing goes on. This is not an awesome listing. I know it sounds too good to be true, but in accordance to the suggestions from the previous 20 years, I feel it's protected to say that MMS has the prospect to overcome a lot of the illnesses recognized to mankind.

It will be important to word that MMS does not remedy the disease. MMS is an oxidant, it kills pathogens and destroys toxins. When they’re decreased or eliminated within the body, the physique can perform correctly and thus enhance. I typically say, "The body improves the body." MMS helps you join things so that your physique can do exactly that.

All this is in fact a nonsense transparent.

Also, youngsters with autism endure because MMS is bought as a remedy for nearly every illness and situation and common half underneath the solar. The variety of MMS protocols is analogous to that advisable by Kerri Rivera: Hold the dose up till you get nausea and / or diarrhea. Actually, there was no less than one demise that I do know is said to MMS (although in justice it isn’t solely clear that MMS brought about demise). There isn’t a doubt that many who’ve tried MMS have suffered from signs corresponding to corrosive accidents to the intestinal cancer such as vomiting, stomach pain and diarrhea, as properly as the above-mentioned intestinal mucosa. In its warning letter, the FDA introduced that it had acquired reviews of MMS-related injuries, together with extreme nausea, vomiting, and life-threatening, low blood strain from dehydration. Other potential problems might embrace kidney injury and acute haemolysis.

MMS of all various medical cultures is likely one of the most harmful and ridiculous. Unfortunately, it is troublesome to snigger on the ridiculousness of MMS without worrying about the potential for damaging it. Take a look at this video of the cult members who persuade mother and father in Uganda to give MMS their youngsters to treat malaria in the event you don't consider me. It is appalling for unethical and racist and threatening weak groups. (Notably troublesome to watch is a phase of about 7:25, where a child is fed to MMS is clearly under no circumstances.) That is a cult face, and I'm afraid that MMS won’t disappear even after "Discovery" Jim Humble returns to Andromeda.